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Notice on the First Session of the International Development Forum of Rice Production (the First Round)

   Rice is the principal food of our nation and even the world. Our country is a world leader in hybrid rice breeding and cultivation technology. In the new era of deepen supply-side structural reform and one belt, one road initiative, the First Session of the International Development Forum of Rice Production  will be held in Changsha, China in the late September, 2018. The Forum aims to better demonstrate the new achievements and technologies of global rice cultivation and breeding, promote Chinese rice to the world and facilitate the healthy development of global rice industry.

There shall be a committee chaired by Yuan Longping-an Academician of China Engineering Academy. World-famous rice experts will be invited to deliver keynote speech. It will cover the crop industry chain, focus on industrial development, and grasp the development trend of the industry, as well as promote Chinese rice to the world.

Worldwide experts and scholars, researchers, seed enterprises and students engaged in the studies or managements of crop cultivation, breeding, production and research are encouraged to this forum.

The relevant matters are hereby noticed as follows:


1. Organizations

(1) Guided by:

 People's Government of Hunan Province

(2) Organized by:

The people's government of Changsha City

China National Hybrid Rice R&D Center

 The Crop Science Society of Hunan

 Yuan Longping Award for Agricultural Science and Technology Foundation

(3) Sponsored by:

Hunan Conference and Reception Center

(4) Supported by:

Food and Agricultural Organization

International Rice Research Institute

Crop Science Society of China

China National Rice Research Institute

Hunan agricultural commission

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Hunan Agricultural University

Hunan Association of Science and Technology

(5) Media

Golden Eagle Broadcasting System

Hunan Daily Press Group Company Limited


(6) Committee Members

Honorary chairman:

Xv Dazhe, Governor of Hunan Provincial People's Government


Sui Zhongcheng,  Vice-governor of Hunan Provincial People's Government

Yuan Longping, Academician of China Engineering Academy

Vice chairmen:

Yuan Yanwen, Director of Hunan agricultural commission

Zhou Qingming, Professor and Party Secretary of Hunan Agricultural University

Bai Lianyang, Professor and Party Secretary of Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Hu Zhongxiong, Mayor and deputy secretary of Changsha Municipal Party in Hunan province

Li Wei, Vice-Mayor of Changsha Municipal Government

Qiu Jixin, Vice-Mayor of Changsha Municipal Government

Qi Shaowu, Professor and Director of China National Hybrid Rice R&D Center

Duan Meijuan, Director of the Crop Science Society of Hunan, Vice president of Hunan Agricultural University


2. Important Information

Topic: Crop development and Its Industry Revitalization

Time: September, 2018

Location: Changsha, China

Scale: 700

Languages: Chinese, English

3. Program

(1) Establishing the International Development Forum of Rice Production Committee

As a permanent body of the Forum, the Committee will hold the Forum irregularly. The Committee should prepare and modify the Committees regulations and schedule the Forums time and venue. In this Forum, the Committee will be officially set up and the regulations will be passed.

(2) The 10th Yuan Longping Award Ceremony for Agricultural Science and Technology

(3) International Rice Development Summit Forum


Main topics:

 The history and future of rice development

 The culture of rice and its development

The production and development of new varieties of rice

 The innovation and benefits of rice breeding pattern

Multi cropping rice development

The innovation and improvement of rice machines

 Seeds industry-to-rice industry facilitation

The revitalization of crop industry

Trade and communication of world rice  

Call for Paper:

Seven hundred rice experts and scholars are invited to the Forum. Among them, 20 will deliver special reports. We are pleased to announce the call for paper and The Crop Journal supports publication of excellent papers shortly after the Conference.

Formatting Guidelines of Paper:

Paper should be in The Crop Journal format and conform to the Forums topic. Both Chinese and English are available. Paper should include title, author(s) name, institutions, abstracts, key words (no more than 6), main body and references.

Paper should be submitted through the official Email address (gjdzlt@163.com) before the opening of the Forum. The deadline of paper submission is August 31st, 2018. The selected paper will be made available for all attendees in a symposium proceeding.

Preparing the Poster Board

Materials should include: title, author, institution, abstract, results (visual displays such as graphs & charts).

Posters must be a size of 120 cm (H) x 90 cm (W). Both Chinese and English are available.

(4) Rice varieties, rice breeding techniques and mechanical display

Covering 300 mu (20 hectares) with new rice varieties, techniques and mechanicals display, the exhibition base was established in Changsha county, Changsha. New rice varieties, with standardized cultivation and management, mainly display in two parts-single season rice area and late rice area. During the Forum, the new varieties are basically in their maturity period. Representatives of the Forum are organized to visit the exhibition base. Scientific, technical personnel and farmers visit and communicate at other times. New techniques display includes new rice cultivation techniques, integrated breeding techniques and mechanized planting.


4. Invitation

Experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and others from research and practice with experience in the relevant fields of the rice industry chain are invited to the Forum. 

5. Registration and Fees

(1) Guidelines for Registration

We use the following ways for registration:

A. Fill the attached application form and email it to the email address (gjdzlt@163.com) before July 31, 2018.

B. Register on the official website: www.gjdzlt.com

(2) Fees

Registration fee includes: participation, catering and handouts. The accommodation during the conference will be five-star hotels at your own expenses.

For students:

Online registration fee for the Forum is 800 Yuan with valid student cards.

For others:

Online registration fee for the Forum before and after July 31st, 2018 is 1200 Yuan and 1500 Yuan respectively.

(3) Payment methods

Account name: Hunan Conference and Reception Center

Bank name: Changsha Mawangdui Branch of ICBC

Account number: 1901007309200030778

6.  Contact us

    Hunan Conference and Reception Center

Wu Fang

Tel: 13973164013


Email: gjdzlt@163.com



The International Development Forum of Rice Production Committee

                             April 8th, 2018 




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Title and Position


Research direction




Tel                   Email:

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Registration fee


Topic and language of your paper



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Note:1. This form can be copied. Please fill and email it to: gjdzlt@163.com

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